Musée de l'Alat et de l'Hélicoptère Dax


In the South of France, located near the city of Dax, you can find one of the largest helicopter museums in Europe. This museum is located in old hangars of the Aérodrome de Dax-Seyresse which is a military airfield that is also used by civil aviation clubs. The Musée de l'Alat et de l'Hélicoptère owns an impressive collection of helicopters and aircraft that were used in the past by the French Army, French Air Force and French Navy. This museum opened in 1992 its doors and is part of a group of seventeen French defence museums which also includes the Air and Space Museum at Le Bourget, Paris. All together you can admire more than 30 helicopters and airplanes in a 2500 square meters exhibit hall. In addition to the collection of helicopters, you can also learn more in this museum about the history of the French Army Light Aviation (ALAT) and about important helicopter parts such as turbines, engines and blades.


Some of the most impressive helicopters that are part of this museum's wonderful collection are a Piasecki H-21 of the French Army, a Aérospatiale SA 321 Super Frelon of the French Navy and a Eurocopter AS332 Super Puma of the French Army. There are also some special and rare helicopters on display such as a Hiller UH-12A and a Sud-Ouest Djinn. Many of the helicopters and aircraft at this museum have been used by the French Army Light Aviation (Aviation légère de l’armée de Terre - ALAT) that was established on 22 November 1954 for observation, reconnaissance, assault and supply duties. In the past dacades the French Army Light Aviation played an important role in almost all French military engagements and humanitarian aid deployments. The nearby airfield (Aérodrome de Dax-Seyresse) is also the training base for future Belgian helicopters pilots. People who are passing through the South of France and who love helicopters and military aviation should definitely pay a visit to the Musée de l'Alat et de l'Hélicoptère in Dax. 

Helicopters on display: 

  • Aérospatiale SA 321 Super Frelon (French Navy)

  • Aérospatiale Alouette III (French Navy)

  • Aérospatiale Alouette III (French Army)

  • Aérospatiale Alouette III (French Police)

  • Aérospatiale SA 341 Gazelle (French Army)

  • Aérospatiale AS 365 MTR Panther

  • Bell 47G (French Army)

  • Eurocopter AS332 Super Puma (French Army)

  • Eurocopter AS355 Écureuil 2 (French Air Force)

  • Eurocopter AS532 Cougar (French Army)

  • Hiller UH-12A (French Army)

  • Piasecki H-21 (French Army)

  • Sikorsky H-34 (French Navy)

  • Sikorsky H-19 Chickasaw (French Army)

  • Sud-Ouest Djinn (French Army)

Aircraft on display: 

  • Cessna L-19 Bird Dog (French Army)

  • Max Holste MH.1521 Broussard (French Army)

  • Nord 3202 (French Army)

  • Nord 3400 (French Army)

  • Piper PA-22-160 Tri-Pacer (French Army)

  • Nord NC.856A (French Army)

  • Stampe-Vertongen SV.4C (French Army)


Text & photos: Kris Christiaens 

Location: Musée de l'Alat et de l'Hélicoptère Dax, France

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